My name is Ehssan (pronounced EH-SAAN) and I am the Founder and Chief Designer at Coal Creek Leather. I am husband to a beautiful wife (Azi) and father to two adorable girls.

My journey started after graduating from Duke with an MBA and right before starting my job at Amazon. I was in the market for a wallet that I could never find, so I ended up buying a few leather craft tools on Amazon and making one. This hobby continued a couple of years while working full time at Amazon.

As this hobby expanded more and more over the years, so did my passion to where I could not resist my entrepreneurial itch again. On a fine morning, I decided to leave my great job at Amazon to pursue a passion. Many called it absurd, some called it a crazy decision with two kids, but I called it pursuit of a dream! 

I was not a stranger to taking risks in pursuit of a dream. When I sold a successful startup and moved my family across the world from Dubai to this great land a few years ago, to attend Duke Fuqua Business School, some had called me crazy. But I never regretted that decision too! Because I am pursuing a dream- one that I am passionate about. And pursuing a dream requires you to wear out your boots and take the road less travelled on, as Lauren Alaina sings. And I was ready for it!

An American Dream

I have lived and travelled across the globe and I know I could not pursue my dream anywhere, but on this great land. And my way of paying back is by keeping Coal Creek Leather an all-American company. Forever. We source our leathers domestically from one of the last standing tanneries in the country. All our products are designed and handcrafted right here in the US. When business scaled and a standard business school-type solution was taking production offshores, we decided to expand our studio further, but keep everything in house. Bottomline, every single item is designed and handcrafted domestically from domestic materials.