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We Cherish the Art of Writing

We design and handcraft products that make writing exciting. We cherish the endangered art of putting pen to paper by crafting thoughtful items that entice you to carry your notebook around. Because we believe the worst you write is better than the best thing you didn't write. 


A beautiful piece of leather! It’s such a great size to carry in your handbag, pocket, or even a larger wallet! So convenient to have to be able to jot down some notes or reminders. The leather is sturdy. It has a smooth, slick feel. I decided to “roll” mine so now it has some beautiful wrinkles which gives it a rustic look.


KMB (Amazon)

I don’t usually buy extravagant items. However, I purchased this for work. I’m always carrying a steno pad and a handful of notes ..... I must say the leather and craftsmanship is absolutely beautiful and such high quality. It really is worth the money. I love it.


Scott M (Etsy)

Very pleased with the value and craftsmanship of this notebook cover. I bought an a5 version of the bainbridge leather cover in black and silver and it's very, very well made. Absolutely beautiful! I have purchased about 6 different covers and have finally found one that is perfect for my needs. Coal Creek has put a lot of thought into their products.


Miguel F (Google)

This cover offers protection and beauty. Great cover with inside pockets for papers, cards, etc. Expensive but well worth the price!


Brad G (Amazon)

Although I’m not a ballistics expert, this thing is bulletproof. It wears in brilliantly and fits my passport, memo, 6 various cards, and some bills well. Not exactly pocket friendly, you’ll have to wear a sport coat or insane clown posse jeans.


Joe N (Etsy)

I love my Coal Creek XS moleskine notebook cover! I've carried around a little XS moleskine notebook in my pocket for years, this protects it, and even looks better with a little wear, unlike the moleskine. And I can tuck little notes into the pockets. Thank you for a great product!


Anne S (Amazon)

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