3 Ways to Use Field Notes

3 Ways to Use Field Notes

Field Notes are useful for all kinds of things. Daily to-do lists, a gratitude journal, and an address book are all great uses for this type of notebook. The traditional style of Field Notes is pages with dots instead of lines. Now they come in several different styles, so you can choose your preference. Add a cover with a built-in wallet and you have the perfect binder to carry to class, a stylish portfolio to bring with you to professional conferences, or the perfect hiking companion.

Note Taking

This might seem like an obvious use for a notebook, but these are great for college students. Take them to class to take notes or use them in a lab to write down observations during an experiment. The dotted pages are useful for drawing graphs and plotting data points. The Field Notes Wallet comes with a place to put your regular ID, student ID, notebook, and a pen making it easy to grab and go when a busy college student is rushing out of the door. Plus, that leather wallet will last for years, making this a great gift for a college student. They can use it throughout their college years and bring it into their professional careers.

Conferences & Shows

Speaking of professional careers, bring a snazzy-looking portfolio into your next business conference. Field Notes covers offer business professionals and academics a way to haul around everything they need in one easy-to-carry binder. Never forget business cards again. Feel confident walking into a conference with a sleek portfolio that holds an ID, a credit card, business cards, and a notebook. Plus, the notebook is great for taking notes during presentations, jotting down inspiration, or making yourself a reminder. You know, so you can write down all of those to-dos that you seem to forget until you are in the middle of something else. We have all been there. The notebook allows you to jot these reminders down without having to grab your phone and look rude. 


Hiking Journal 

If you can identify what type of trees your neighbor has grown in their backyard or like going foraging for plants while out on a nature stroll, then I know you will love the National Parks edition of Field Notes. Use the journal to draw a new plant you find while out walking. Jot down a few notes or details about the plant. Maybe you enjoy looking for different animal prints or scats on the ground. Use the journal to make a quick sketch so you can identify what animal it belongs to when you get home. Grab a leather cover to go with it to protect your notes from the elements and keep all of your drawings in one place.


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